Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fakta mengenai Israel - Mesir


Sedikit maklumat dari akhbar di Mesir berkaitan hubungan Mesir & Israel.

1.Egypt's natural gas start flowing to Israel thru a pipeline for the first time in May 2008 under the agreement signed in 2005 for the supply of 1.7 bcm annually over 20 years.

daily news egypt, page 3, friday, 13 Feb , 2009

2. Jordan bans sermon by islamists over Gaza: brotherhood

Among eight Muslim Brotherhood members
- Zeid kilani
- Nedal abbadi
- Ahmad kofani
- Abdul majid khawaldeh

Refer to their web: islamic action front(IAF)

'Arab country provide israel army with vegetable and fruits during agression, in reference to an egyption company.'
Nedal Abbadi

daily news egypt, page 5, friday, 13 Feb , 2009

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